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France pumped up over cargo airships

Source: Phys Org – France will pump up to 25 million Euros ($31 million) into a fleet of rigid airships for transporting heavy cargo, the country’s public investment bank said in a statement Wednesday.

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York Man Piloted the Longest Nonstop Blimp Flight Ever

Source:York Daily Record – By Mike Argento Robert Bowser joined the Navy in November 1941, a month before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.  

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Airship Drones Could Stay Aloft for Days

Source: Voice of America (VOA) – By George Putic    Battery-powered drones have mostly replaced manned aircraft in a range of tasks, from scientific measurements to aerial photography, with one persistent disadvantage – the limit of their power source. … Continue reading

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Stéphane Rousson and his pedal-powered dirigible

Source: The Sunday Times – By Charles Bremner As he flew over the yacht masts at Villefranche-sur-Mer, Stéphane Rousson could have been mistaken for an intrepid aeronaut on an ancient contraption. His machine, however, is aimed at a future … Continue reading

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Turbine Makers Look for Airship Solutions

Source: Windpower Monthly – By Craig Richard Vestas and Siemens Gamesa are jointly looking to the skies for an alternative to costly and difficult road transportation of turbine components over long distances.

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