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Pentagon Seeks Blimps That Can Detect Threats for Saudi Arabia

Source: Bloomberg Government – bgov.com By Cameron Leuthy The Pentagon is seeking vendors that can supply Saudi Arabia with moored blimps, fifteen months after the U.S. State Department approved a possible $525 million Foreign Military Sale to the country.

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Giant Surveillance Blimp Untethers And Drifts Over Pennsylvania

Source: NPR – npr.org By Eyder Peralta A giant surveillance “blimp” that had been tethered to a mooring at an Army installation in Maryland is now loose and drifting over Pennsylvania.

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Raytheon Applies for “Airship Docking Station” Patent

John G. Benkert and Frank A Birdsong have applied for, and assigned to Raytheon, a patent for an “Airship Docking Station”. In light of the difficulty and high risk to equipment and personnel that docking an airship in turbulent weather … Continue reading

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Raytheon Tests System Using Blimps, to Enhance Radar for F-15 Fighter Pilots Using Air-to-Air Missiles

Source: International Business Times By David Kashi Floating 10,000 feet (3.048 m) in the air, a 240-foot (73 m) blimp can detect, track and target a variety of threats in a system developed by Raytheon Co., the Massachusetts-based defense and … Continue reading

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JLENS, the Military Surveillance Airship, Is Ready for Action

Source: Popular Mechanics By Darren Orf Surveillance aerostat JLENS complete its training program and could enter active service within a year.

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