Books from the Collection of Captain Garland Fulton

See Them Flying: Houston Peterson’s Air-Age Scrapbook 1909-1910 by Houston Peterson, 1969.

The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers Transactions, Volume 75, 1967.

Aeronautics: Lighter-than-Air Craft by M. J. B. Davy, for the Science Museum, 1950.

Adventures in the Navy, in Education, Science, Engineering and in War: A Life Story by W. F. Durand, 1953.

Aeronautics and Astronautics: An American Chronology of Science and Technology in the Exploration of Space 1915-1960 by Eugene M. Emme, 1961.

Aeronautics at the Mid-Century by Jerome Hunsaker, 1952.

The Airships Akron & Macon: Flying Aircraft Carriers of the United States Navy by Richard K. Smith, 1965.

NASA’s Aeronautical Dictionary by Frank Davis Adams, 1959.

Deutschlands Krieg in der Luft by General von Hoeppner, 1921.

The World, the Air and the Future by Sir Charles Dennistoun Burney, 1929.

The Great White Fleet by Robert A. Hart, 1965

Ghost Ship of the Pole by Wilbur Cross, 1960.

Almanac of Naval Facts by the United States Naval Institute, 1964.

In der Luft unbesiegt by George Paul Neumann, 1923.

Hütte: Des Ingenieurs Taschenbuch, Volumes I – III, by Akademischen Verein Hütt 1924.

Navy Yearbook, 1917 and 1918, compiled by Archibald Oden, Jr., 1919.

Helium: Child of the Sun, by Clifford W. Seibel, 1968.

Man in the Clouds, by Leslie Gardiner, 1963.

The First Air Voyage in America: The Times, the Place and the People of the Blanchard Balloon Voyage of January 9. 1793, Philadelphia to Woodbury, together with a facsimile reprinting of the Journal of My Forty-Fifth Ascension and the First in America by Jean Pierre Blanchard, published by Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company, 1943.

Kitty Hawk to Sputnik to Polaris: the inside story of the struggle for air and space supremacy by a pioneer aviator, by Eugene E. Wilson, 1960

Moffett Field: From lighter-than-air to faster-than-sound , Silver Anniversary 1933-1958.

Structural Design of Warships, by William Hovgaard, 1915.

Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships, Volume 1, by the Navy Department, 1959.

Wings for the Fleet: A Narrative of Naval Aviation’s Early Development, 1910-1916, by Rear Admiral George van Deurs, 1966.

Horizon, Vol. 1, no.1, September 1958.

My Polar Flights: An account of the voyages of the airships Italia and Norge, by Umberto Nobile, 1961.

The Zeppelin Fighters by Arch Whitehouse, 1966.

Flying Machines: Construction and Operation by W. J. Jackman and Thomas H. Russell, 1910.

Over Land and Sea: The Dramatic Story of the Great Aviation Pioneer Glenn H. Curtiss by Robert Scharff and Walter S. Taylor, 1968.

The Zeppelin Story by Thor Nielsen, 1955

Aerial Navigation: the Practicability of Traveling Pleasantly and Safely from New-York to California in Three Days by Rufus Porter, 1848, reprint in 1935.

Flying High (An Anthology of Aviation Literature for Junior High School Students) by Rose N. Cohen, Air-Age Education Series, 1942.