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Airlander 10: World’s Longest Aircraft Moves to New Base

Source: BBC News – The world’s longest aircraft, which collapsed at its base last year, has been moved by lorry to a new home.

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Hybrid Air Vehicles Limited News Release: Airlander Moves to New Home

Source: Hybrid Air vehicles Ltd – At the start of this week, we began the process of relocating from Hangar 2 at Cardington to our new production facility, also in the Bedford area.

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The Blimp Industry Is Changing, Right Over Our Noses

Source: The Washington Post – By Andrew Van Dam Later this month, Goodyear will launch its newest airship, the 246-foot, 10-ton Wingfoot Three, out of a hangar in Akron, Ohio. It’s a big deal, and not just in the … Continue reading

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NASA Has a Plan to Let Humans Soar above the Clouds on Venus

Source: NBC News Mach – By Corey S. Powell    Jun.05.2018 Proposed “HAVOC” mission would send a blimp-like airship to Earth’s nearest neighbor.

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Goodyear’s newest airship could fly next month

Source: Akron Beacon Journal – By Jim Mackinnon Goodyear’s newest airship likely will be flying in Akron-area skies toward the end of June.

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