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From the archive, 20 August 1936: From New York to Frankfurt on the Hindenburg

Source: theguardian.com Wonderfully smooth compared to aeroplane travel, one has a feeling of complete security, says reporter on board the Zeppelin.

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New Zeppelins: Giants of the Skies Return

Source: The Wall Street Journal – online.wsj.com Blimps are back, with the ability to carry massive payloads cost-efficiently. But can the industry really rebuild itself? By: Robert Wall

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Newly Released Film Shows Different Angle of Hindenburg Disaster

Source: nbcphiladelphia.com By Vince Lattanzio A rarely seen video showing a different angle of the Hindenburg airship disaster in New Jersey has been released to the public for the first time in 77 years.

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March 1936: First flight of the Hindenburg

Source: The Engineer – theengineer.co.uk By Stuart Nathan The maiden test flights of the Zeppelin Hindenburg gave no hint of the disaster to come

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Newly-uncovered film shows Hindenburg over Manhattan a year before its fiery disaster

Source: DailyMail.com.uk Chilling footage of the Nazi swastika flying over the New York skyline has emerged in a new video of the doomed Hindenburg airship.

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