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Aeros Awarded Patent for Cargo Airship Technology Breakthrough

Source: aeroscraft.com Innovation Enables Cargo Airships Capable of Infrastructure Independence and Cost-Efficient Global Freight Transport.

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Lawsuit Filed Against Navy for Destroyed Experimental Airship

Source: FoxNews.com By Perry Chiaramonte The makers of a state-of-the art airship have filed a $65 million lawsuit against the U.S. Navy after the helium-filled dirigible was crushed when part of the roof of the hangar where it was stored … Continue reading

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Airship Dedication Reminds Worldwide Aeros Chief of Deferred Dream

Source: Los Angeles Times – latimes.com By Melody Petersen Igor Pasternak plans to build not just a bigger model of an experimental air freighter but an entire fleet. Aeroscraft was planned as a gigantic air freighter that could carry heavy … Continue reading

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New Zeppelins: Giants of the Skies Return

Source: The Wall Street Journal – online.wsj.com Blimps are back, with the ability to carry massive payloads cost-efficiently. But can the industry really rebuild itself? By: Robert Wall

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Aeroscraft Cargo Airship Featured In New TV Series

Source: prweb.com Aeroscraft Corporation (Aeros) is pleased to announce that the Aeroscraft will be featured in the series premiere for “Rise of the Machines” Tuesday, March 4, 2014 from 10:00-11:00 PM/ET. (check local listings)

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