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Aeros Awarded Patent for Cargo Airship Technology Breakthrough

Source: aeroscraft.com Innovation Enables Cargo Airships Capable of Infrastructure Independence and Cost-Efficient Global Freight Transport.

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New Zeppelins: Giants of the Skies Return

Source: The Wall Street Journal – online.wsj.com Blimps are back, with the ability to carry massive payloads cost-efficiently. But can the industry really rebuild itself? By: Robert Wall

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Setback Won’t Hinder Aeroscraft Fleet Development Efforts, Explains Aeros’ CEO Igor Pasternak

Source: PRWeb.com Structural Roof Elements from WWII Era Hangar Collapsed Monday, Causing No Injuries  “This won’t stop us, and we’ll continue to move forward full speed on fleet development plans for the 66-ton and 250-ton cargo capacity Aeroscraft to provide … Continue reading

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$35-million airship damaged after part of hangar’s roof collapses

Source: Los Angeles Times By Adolfo Flores Worldwide Aeros officials say helium released from the airship forced an evacuation of the building, but the damage to the military prototype is ‘repairable.’

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Aeroscraft Prototype Successfully Passes All Pentagon and NASA Tests under ‘Project Pelican’ Program

Source: PRWEB Aeroscraft ML866 and ML868 fleet manufacturer and operator Aeros today announced that Government high fidelity testing and demonstrations have been completed successfully within budget and one month ahead of schedule.

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