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Russian Engineers Develop New Surveillance, Missile Defense Airships

Source: Sputnik International – sputniknews.com Russian engineers are designing new advanced airships which may become a potent element of the country’s anti-ballistic missile defenses.

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Russia Considers Pioneering $200bln Airship Scheme

Source: The Moscow Times – themoscowtimes.com Russia could soon embrace lighter-than-air aircraft in an ambitious and expensive futuristic transportation project to boost links across remote areas of the country, the Kommersant newspaper reported on Friday.

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Airships Are Back. And This Time They Use Graphene

Source: Techradar – techradar.com By Jamie Carter Helium-filled Zeppelins will stay airborne 24/7

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Russia to Complete Construction of Airship ‘Atlant’ for Army by 2018 – New pictures added

Source: Sputnik International – sputniknews.com By Alex Aminev The Augur-RosAeroSystems, Holding is set to build the airship ‘Atlant’ by the end of 2018. It will have the capacity of carrying over 16 tons of weight.

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Taking war into the skies: The age of the airship

Source: Russia Beyond the Headlines – rbth.com By Alexander Vershinin Making its first inauspicious appearance during the war of 1812 against Napoleonic France, the airship was later to serve as a vital step in the development of Russian air power, proving … Continue reading

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