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Super Pressure Balloon Marks First Continental Crossing

Source: NASA – nasa.gov Less than six days after launching from Wanaka, New Zealand, NASA’s massive Super Pressure Balloon (SPB) completed its first continental crossing April 1 flying over the southern tips of Chile and Argentina.

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NASA Study Proposes Airships, Cloud Cities for Venus Exploration

Source: IEEE Spectrum – spectrum.ieee.org By Evan Ackerman Should crewed exploration of Venus come before we try to go to Mars?

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Neutrinos on Ice: Detection Balloon Heads to Antarctica

Source: Scientific American – scientificamerican.com By Katie Mulrey Right now, somewhere in the Milky Way, a proton is traveling though supernova remnant shock waves, bouncing around in extreme magnetic fields and gaining energy and speed. Eventually the proton will gain … Continue reading

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NASA floats million-dollar airship prize for 20-20-20 vision

Source: The Register – theregister.co.uk By Richard Chirgwin Balloons wanted: must stay 20km high for 20 hours and return 20kg payload.

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Google signs 60-year lease of Navy dirigible hangar

Source: USA Today – usatoday.com By Elizabeth Weise Google has signed a 60-year lease on a former Navy dirigible hangar smack in the middle of Silicon Valley, NASA said.

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