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Second Goodyear Airship Being Built at Wingfoot Lake Blimp Base

Source: Akron Beacon Journal – Ohio.com By Jim Mackinnon – Beacon Journal business writer Goodyear has started building a second semi-rigid Zeppelin airship inside its Wingfoot Lake blimp base.

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The Graf Zeppelin’s First intercontinental Flight (1928) and the World’s First Aerial Stowaway

Source: CNN Travel – cnn.com/travel The World’s First Aerial Stowaway In 1928, 19-year-old Clarence Terhune became a sensation in Germany, after stowing away on the return leg of the maiden flight of the Graf Zeppelin, flying from Lakehurst, New Jersey … Continue reading

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Werner Franz, Last Surviving Crew Member of the Hindenburg Dies

Source: cbsnews.com Werner Franz, believed to be the last surviving crew member of the German airship Hindenburg that crashed 77 years ago, has died. He was 92.

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From the archive, 20 August 1936: From New York to Frankfurt on the Hindenburg

Source: theguardian.com Wonderfully smooth compared to aeroplane travel, one has a feeling of complete security, says reporter on board the Zeppelin.

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Goodyear’s Wingfoot One christened, makes inaugural flight

On Saturday August 23, 2014 Goodyear’s newest airship, a Zeppelin LZ N07-101, was christened as Wingfoot One and made its ceremonial first flight.

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