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French blimps to test Guam weather

Source: The Guam Daily Post – postguam.com By Tihu Lujan Innovative balloons may improve weather forecasting Five French meteorologists are on Guam testing a set of miniature blimps that may lead to innovative weather forecasting.

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Google Continues to Make Progress on Project Loon

Read two articles regarding the progress that Google is making on Project Loon, a system of stratospheric helium balloons to provide Wi-Fi connectivity to remote areas. Source: The Independent – independent.co.uk Up, Up and Away on Google’s Wi-Fi Balloon

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Second and Largest Stratospheric Balloon launched from Timmins, Ontario

Source : Canadian Space Agency Following a favorable weather briefing, the go-ahead was given for a launch shortly after midnight Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)  on Saturday, September 14, 2013.

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High-altitude balloon launched from Timmins, Ont., lands in Quebec

Source: ctvnews.ca The Canadian Space Agency says the first stratospheric balloon successfully launched in Canada has landed in northwestern Quebec.

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First Stratospheric Balloon Launches from Timmins, Canada

Source: Canadian Space Agency At 8:39 PM (Eastern Daylight Time), the Canadian Space Agency tweeted: “Launched! The balloon is on its way to reach the stratosphere. It will be reaching its planned ceiling of 31.5 km in approximately 2 hours.”

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