Balloon Space Flight Company Completes Small-Scale Test Flight

Picture1Source: Reuters

By Karen Brooks

An Arizona start-up company says it has successfully completed its first small-scale test flight of a stratospheric balloon and capsule being developed to show tourists a space-like view of the Earth from 19 miles (30 km) above ground.

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Hood Blimp Flies With The Red Sox For Its Summer 2014 Return

Hood blimpSource: perishablenews.comHood

Hood®, the leading dairy brand in New England, today announced the annual return of its iconic Hood Blimp for the 2014 summer season.

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UK Government Supports Airship Development

AW_06_23_2014_2119Source: Aviation Week & Space Technology

By Graham Warwick

Without the boost of military funding, large airship builders look for commercial backing

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The Navy’s First Airship Comes to Pensacola

DN-1, the Navy’s first airshipSource: National Naval Aviation Museum

In 1916, a popular American writer Mildred Cram took a tour of the Naval Aeronautic Station at Pensacola during a research visit for an upcoming book, Old Seaport Towns of the South. She marveled at the activity on board the station from the seaplanes taking off “with a staccato roar and a blinding shower of spray” to the mechanics at work “with the complex, delicate veins and arteries that move the inert body [aircraft]…out of the water to the topmost skies.”

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Blimps Will Soon Hover Over US Highways and Monitor Traffic Around the Clock

Blimp on trailer 2Source: Motherboard

By Jason Koebler

Next time you’re on the highway and see one of those “Speed Monitored by Aircraft” signs, look up—the United States is getting its first, persistently airborne traffic-monitoring blimp.

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