Second Goodyear Airship Being Built at Wingfoot Lake Blimp Base

04 A part of the frame for the the second Zeppelin airship is laid outSource: Akron Beacon Journal –

By Jim Mackinnon – Beacon Journal business writer

Goodyear has started building a second semi-rigid Zeppelin airship inside its Wingfoot Lake blimp base.

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NASA Study Proposes Airships, Cloud Cities for Venus Exploration

01 Image - NASA Langley Research CenterSource: IEEE Spectrum –

By Evan Ackerman

Should crewed exploration of Venus come before we try to go to Mars?

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Goodyear celebrates 60 years of aerial coverage

The Goodyear blimp at the 1984 Rose Bowl gameSource:

By Jordan England-Nelson

The Federal Aviation Administration is still wringing its hands about the commercial use of unmanned aerial vehicles, but manned blimps have had the FAA’s blessing for over half a century.

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A Photovoltaic Balloon Could Bring Electricity to Disaster Zones

01 sqSource: Smithsonian Magazine –

By Joni Blecher, XPRIZE contributor

Moored to a base with batteries, the Zephyr collects enough solar energy to power 15 relief tents and a telecommunications network

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Google Continues to Make Progress on Project Loon

01 Read two articles regarding the progress that Google is making on Project Loon, a system of stratospheric helium balloons to provide Wi-Fi connectivity to remote areas.

Source: The Independent –

Up, Up and Away on Google’s Wi-Fi Balloon

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