PenFed blimp, deflated, bursts into flames and crashes near U.S. Open at Erin Hills

Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel –

By Bill Glauber, James B. Nelson and Maddie Koss

Some of the biggest drama at the U.S. Open took place in the sky just east of the course Thursday morning when a blimp advertising for PenFed Credit Union deflated, burst into flames and crashed.

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Airlander Returns to the Skies

Source: Hybrid Air Vehicles –

We are delighted to announce a successful flight of the Airlander 10 this evening (Wednesday 10 May).  All objectives of the planned flight were accomplished and the aircraft is now safely back at its masting site. The Airlander was taken off its mooring mast at 17:20 and took off at 17:28. It flew for a total of 180 minutes before landing at 20:15 and was secured safely on the mast at 20:20.

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Goodyear’s Third NT Airship Being Built at Wingfoot Lake

Source: Akron Beacon Journal –

By Jim Mackinnon

Goodyear’s third NT airship is starting to come together.

Workers at Goodyear’s Suffield Township blimp base are at the beginning stages of assembling the last of three NT, or New Technology, airships for the Akron tire maker.

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Russian Engineers Develop New Surveillance, Missile Defense Airships

Source: Sputnik International –

Russian engineers are designing new advanced airships which may become a potent element of the country’s anti-ballistic missile defenses.

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Can Giant Airships Accelerate to Orbit (JP Aerospace’s Idea)?

Source: Science 2.0 –

By Robert Walker    May 3rd 2017

Bottom of Form

JP Aerospace is an interesting company – in the city of Rancho Cordova, CA., California.. Their aim is to develop ways to send airships up into the stratosphere – and more controversially, all the way to orbit with their “Orbital Airships” vision. The airships would accelerate very slowly, at a rate of perhaps a few centimeters per second increase in speed every second, over several days, until they reach orbital velocity. Can they, or can’t they, or how far can they go?

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