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Blimp-in-a-Box Goes to Work

Read two articles of new applications for this product. Ohio buys ‘blimp in a box’ for surveillance ‘Blimp in a Box’ Deployed in Search for Cop-Killer Suspect in Pennsylvania What is a ‘Blimp-in-a-Box’?

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Blimps Will Soon Hover Over US Highways and Monitor Traffic Around the Clock

Source: Motherboard By Jason Koebler Next time you’re on the highway and see one of those “Speed Monitored by Aircraft” signs, look up—the United States is getting its first, persistently airborne traffic-monitoring blimp.

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StratoBus – Halfway Between a Drone and a Satellite

Source: Thales – thalesgroup.com The StratoBus project may immediately call to mind Google’s Project Loon. But the advantage of StratoBus is that it offers long endurance and complete autonomy from a fixed position, while the high-altitude balloons in Loon move … Continue reading

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Lockheed Martin Team Surpasses Millionth Hour of In-Theater Airborne Surveillance

Source: lockheedmartin.com The Lockheed Martin-built and maintained Persistent Threat Detection System (PTDS) has surpassed 1 million airborne mission hours of providing around-the-clock, 360-degree monitoring and force protection for coalition forces in theater.

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Surveillance Blimp Will Help Police Border

Source: Valley Morning Star By Dan Santella – The Monitor It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s … no, it’s a Border Patrol blimp. Mobile, unmanned, aerial security surveillance has arrived in the Rio Grande Valley.

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