Successful Argus One UAV Payload Testing For World Surveillance Group


KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, Florida — World Surveillance Group Inc., a developer of lighter-than-air unmanned aerial vehicles (“UAVs”) and related technologies, announced today that the Company has successfully completed payload testing of tethered flights of the Argus One UAV in Nevada in accordance with the mission parameters established by our sponsor. WSGI and its technical partner commenced the integration of the government-provided, classified payload during the first quarter of 2012 and recently completed the initial set of payload and flight tests of the Argus One in Nevada. These tests are expected to continue in Easton, MD.

Argus UAV test flight

WSGI President and CEO Glenn D. Estella stated, “We are pleased with the results from the payload and flight testing of the Argus One in Nevada and look forward to additional testing of the Argus One with classified payloads to illustrate the capabilities of the Argus One UAV to our sponsors. We are excited by the successful completion of this next step in the development and commercialization of our Argus One airship and expect to continue to execute our airship related strategic plan.”

Argus UAV


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