Paris-based Company to Buy a Zeppelin

A Zeppelin NT, with a price tag of about € 16.8 million (US$ 22.7 million), will be flying over Paris starting in 2013.

Airship Paris, a private French company, plans to launch Zeppelin flights over the French capital. By the summer of 2013 they expect to be flying over the Eiffel Tower, the Palace de Versailles and other landmarks in an around the French capital.

The Zeppelin-Reederei in Friedrichshafen is nearing completion of a contract with Airship Paris for the construction and sale of a Zeppelin NT airship. As plans stand now, starting in the summer of 2013, an airship leased from Zeppelin Reederei will begin flights over Paris. In spring of 2014, upon completion of construction, the leased airship will be replaced by a new one, property of Airship Paris.

The deal is not yet in the bag, as the French company is still looking for additional investors and the French authorities have not yet issued the necessary permits.

However, Airship Paris is advertising flights on its website, announcing they will start next year.

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