Multiple Records Set During Skydive on October 14

Felix Baumgartner, with the support of the Red Bull Stratos made his record setting skydive on Sunday, October 14.

From the Red Bull Stratos website:

Felix Baumgartner earned his place in the history books on Sunday after overcoming concerns with the power for his visor heater that impaired his vision and nearly jeopardized the mission. Felix reached an estimated speed of *833.9 mph / 1,342.8 km/h (Mach 1.24). This preliminary figure would make him the first man to break the speed of sound in free-fall and set more records* while delivering valuable data for space exploration.

After reaching an altitude of 128,100 feet (39,045 meters) in a helium-filled balloon, Felix Baumgartner completed a record breaking jump from the edge of space, exactly 65 years after Chuck Yeager first broke the sound barrier flying in an experimental rocket powered airplane. The 43-year-old Austrian skydiving expert also broke two other world records (highest free-fall, highest manned balloon flight), leaving the longest free-fall to project mentor Col. Joe Kittinger.

* The data on the records set by the jump are preliminary pending confirmation from the authorized governing bodies.

The 30 million cubic foot balloon during inflation.
As the balloon begins to rise, a crane carrying the capsule already attached to the balloon, drives towards the balloon to place it directly under the balloon without it being dragged on the ground.
Source: Red Bull Stratos website

The balloon starts it ascent with the capsule that has just been released from the crane that carried it.
Source: Red Bull Stratos website

The balloon starts it climb to 128,000 feet (39,000 m). Initially it has a teardrop shape. As it reaches higher elevations it will fill out to a nearly round shape.
Source: Red Bull Stratos website

The balloon during ascent as seen from the capsule.
Source: Red Bull Stratos website

The balloon near record altitude takes on a round shape.
Source: Red Bull Stratos website

The records that Baumgartner and Red Bull Stratos broke (subject to confirmation) are:

  • Highest free-fall, prior record is 102,800 feet (31,333 m), set by Joe Kittinger on August 16, 1960.
  • Speed during free-fall, prior record is 614 mph (988 km/h), set by Joe Kittinger on August 16, 1960.
  • Highest manned balloon flight, prior record is 113,740 feet (34,668 m) set in 1961 by Victor A. Prather and Malcolm Ross on May 4, 1961.


View the mission in a 90 second recap:

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