Mav6 Announces Divestiture of Airship Business

Former employees launch Stratus Aerospace, LLC.

Mav6 announced that it has divested its airship business to narrow its technology focus. The Vicksburg, Mississippi-based defense technology company had leveraged this capability to execute work on the Blue Devil Block 2 system — a long endurance airship integrated with advanced sensor payloads built for the US Air Force. The USAF ultimately cancelled the program.

Former Mav6 Chief Operating Officer Ken Wilson and others involved in the Blue Devil project have formed Stratus Aerospace, LLC.  Wilson Chief Executive of the newly formed company commented, “We are excited about the formation of Stratus Aerospace, LLC”.  He continued, “We had a great run on the BD2 program as part of the Mav6 team and we will leverage the experience we gained to continue the pursuit of both ISR and heavy lift airship business”

Mav6 co-founder and Managing Director, Jay Harrison commented, “Mav6 never intended to be a company specializing in building airships.” Harrison continued, “It’s a win-win; we’re refining our technology focus and pursuing some exciting new opportunities, and the talented Stratus team can focus entirely on airship technology without having to compete for resources with Mav6’s other research and development activities.”

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