Goodyear blimps fly together over Cleveland skyline


CLEVELAND — A rare sight over the Cleveland skyline when two Goodyear blimps flew together in a rare two-ship fly-by.

The Spirit of Goodyear and the Spirit of Innovation flew in tandem for about an hour Thursday morning.

When the fly-by was finished the Spirit of Goodyear headed for Michigan where it will provide aerial coverage of the Boise State-Michigan State game for ESPN on Friday.

The Spirit of Innovation is normally based in Pompano Beach, Florida but was moved due to Hurricane Isaac. As the blimp moved north to get it out of the reach of Isaac, it was decided to bring it to Goodyear’s blimp base at Wingfoot Lake in Suffield.

Goodyear owns and operates three blimps in the United States. Besides the Spirit of Innovation in Florida, the Spirit of Goodyear is based in Suffield, Ohio. The third blimp, the Spirit of America is based in Carson, California.



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