NASA Has a Plan to Let Humans Soar above the Clouds on Venus

Source: NBC News Mach –

By Corey S. Powell    Jun.05.2018

Proposed “HAVOC” mission would send a blimp-like airship to Earth’s nearest neighbor.

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Goodyear’s newest airship could fly next month

Source: Akron Beacon Journal –

By Jim Mackinnon

Goodyear’s newest airship likely will be flying in Akron-area skies toward the end of June.

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Voting for airships, update

Source: The Interlake Spectator –

By Twyla Siple

Dr. Barry E. Prentice announced that his proposal for the Electric Airship Transportation System has made it to the final round of the CanInfra Challenge.

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Kathleen Endres Blimp! Documentary Nominated for Emmy

The film documentary by Kathleen “Kitty” Endres, “Blimp! Sports Broadcasting and the Goodyear Airship”, has been nominated for an Emmy by the NATAS Lower Great Lakes Chapter. The awards ceremony will be held on Saturday, June 23, 2018 in Indianapolis, IN. Continue reading

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Fabric from the USS Shenandoah Donated to The Lighter-Than-Air Society

The Lighter-Than-Air Society received a donation from the Behrman Family of Norwood, Ohio consisting in framed samples of fabric from the USS Shenandoah. Continue reading

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