‘Super-Sized’ Blimp over Houston – This Forgotten Day

McBlimpSource: Houston Chronicle – chron.com

By Bryan Kerr

May 1, 1986:

On this day, the McDonald’s “McBlimp” arrived in Houston to help celebrate the Texas Sesquicentennial.

At the time, there was something of a blimp rivalry. The “McBlimp” was 193ft long, which was one foot longer than any of Goodyear’s airships. Goodyear housed “America”, one of its four airships, at a hangar just north of Houston in Spring.

The McBlimp (1986). Source: The Houston Chronicle

The McBlimp (1986).
Source: The Houston Chronicle

Goodyear closed their blimp hangar in Spring in ’92, but for a period in the ’70s all of Goodyear’s blimps were built and maintained at the hangar north of Houston.

Video courtesy of the Houston Chronicle

Source: Houston Chronicle – chron.com

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