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Fighting Zeppelins with Airplanes, 1915

Source: Scientific American – scientificamerican.com By Dan Schlenoff Reported in Scientific American, This Week in World War I: June 26, 1915 After the First World War broke out, airships quickly became a scourge. German Zeppelins bombed Liège and Antwerp in … Continue reading

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Sunderland’s WWI Acoustic Mirror Restored

Source: BBC News – BBC.com A “forgotten” piece of history which Fulwell Acoustic Mirror was built in 1917 to help detect German airships following a series of Zeppelin raids on the North East coast. protected Sunderland from Zeppelin attacks in … Continue reading

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Two Goodyear airships now in Akron area; California blimp to be retired in August

Source: Akron Beacon Journal – ohio.com By Jim Mackinnon Keep your eyes peeled on the Akron-area skies in the upcoming weeks: You should spy two Goodyear airships flying around. Meanwhile, Goodyear’s California-based blimp will be retiring later this summer.

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The Hindenburg Disaster as Reported by the New York Daily News on May 7, 1937

Source: New York Daily News – nydailynews.com (Originally published by the Daily News on May 7, 1937.)

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Second Goodyear Airship Being Built at Wingfoot Lake Blimp Base

Source: Akron Beacon Journal – Ohio.com By Jim Mackinnon – Beacon Journal business writer Goodyear has started building a second semi-rigid Zeppelin airship inside its Wingfoot Lake blimp base.

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