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Balloon Pilots Make History

Source: Yahoo! News – news.yahoo.com An audacious, nearly 7,000-mile-long trip across the Pacific Ocean came to an end Saturday as two accomplished pilots safely touched down in the water just off the coast of Mexico in their helium-filled balloon after … Continue reading

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A Photovoltaic Balloon Could Bring Electricity to Disaster Zones

Source: Smithsonian Magazine – smithsonianmag.com By Joni Blecher, XPRIZE contributor smithsonian.com Moored to a base with batteries, the Zephyr collects enough solar energy to power 15 relief tents and a telecommunications network

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Oscars 2014: ‘Helium’ wins live-action short

Source: Los Angeles Times – latimes.com By Christy Khoshaba Helium, the story of a terminally ill boy who is bored with the idea of heaven until he meets a janitor who concocts an alternative blimp-laden version of the afterlife, won … Continue reading

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