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Giant Surveillance Blimp Untethers And Drifts Over Pennsylvania

Source: NPR – By Eyder Peralta A giant surveillance “blimp” that had been tethered to a mooring at an Army installation in Maryland is now loose and drifting over Pennsylvania.

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China Tests its Largest Airship

Source: Popular Science – By Jeffrey Lin and P.W. Singer On October 13, 2015, China started the 24 hour test flight of its largest airship yet in Xilinhot, Inner Mongolia.

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Lockheed Martin Aerostat Flies over the Akron Airdock

As announced in our post of August 19, Lockheed Martin has been flying a tethered Aerostat next to the Akron Airdock, near the Akron Fulton airport.

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Large tethered aerostat to make regular appearances over Akron Fulton airport

Source: Akron Beacon Journal – By Jim Mackinnon Lockheed Martin will begin flying a large tethered aerostat – a small blimp – over Akron Fulton International Airport next week.

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CDOT to test fly blimp over I-25 to monitor Denver-area traffic

Source: Denver Business Journal – By Cathy Proctor The Colorado Department of Transportation this week will be test-flying a helium-filled blimp above Interstate 25 north of downtown Denver to monitor traffic.

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